The Ruin Daily

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The Ruin Daily is a neighborhood sandwich bar that creatively explores what could and should be between two slices of bread. We strive to create a fun and comfortable place for all friends to enjoy. The Ruin Daily serves breakfast, coffee, lunch and your post work unwinding’s. We offer quality products, at a great value, for a casual food and beverage experience. Life’s too short to eat shitty sandwiches.

The name “The Ruin Daily” pays tribute to Martin Van Buren, one of the best/worst presidents in history, who also had the honor of being the inspiration behind the cross street of the restaurant—Jefferson & Van Buren. #MVB was a seasoned politician who served as the eighth President of the United States for a single term. He was widely blamed for “ruining” the financial system through the economic depression in 1837, and was often referred to throughout history as “Marty Van Ruin.”

Allegedly, he really loved sandwiches.