Saint Lou’s Assembly

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Saint Lou’s Assembly is a Midwestern take on a classic “Meat N Three”— a concept that’s traditionally found in the South (i.e. a meat course plus three side dishes). Lou smoked cigarettes. He drove a Cadillac, had a foul mouth, loved Elvis, hated people from New York City. He owned a meat packing place right around the corner. Loved his wife and kids, hated his neighbors, loved the Bears. He loved red meat and sunshine on his face in the morning. He lived his life the way he pleased, was always fair with others and to many close to him, Lou was a damn saint.

Saint Lou’s Assembly is a tribute to the cafeterias that lined this area of Chicago to serve the meatpacking workers for lunch during that bygone era. The venue has a back yard patio featuring bleacher seating for 100, a Bocce ball court, and plenty of al fresco drinking options.